Signal Jammers

rusicky_signalu_ENDo you want to be perfectly sure that your meetings are completely safe and without any possibility of confidential information leakage? Our high-quality EO Security signal jammers provide a total and permanent protection against information leakage and being recorded and eavesdropped on. We offer a wide selection of jammers from portable signal jammers that completely protect your privacy during a meeting outside the office as well as powerful signal jammers suitable for a complete protection of your offices and meeting rooms.

Protect Your Know-How from Industrial Espionage

Nowadays, industrial espionage is more and more common part of the competition. With covert listening devices easily available today it is even more important to protect your privacy and yourself against being eavesdropped on. In addition to a confidential information leakage, you can lose the trust of your customers or even business partners, not to mention possible financial losses as a result of such event. Fortunately, our affordable and powerful signal jammers will provide a complete protection against eavesdropping and keep your business and confidential information as safe as possible.



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Effectively Defend Yourself Against Listening Devices

Covert listening devices used to eavesdrop on your meetings and to leak confidential information are easily available almost anywhere. Your meetings can be eavesdropped on with a hidden mobile phone or with a GSM module. Even ordinary Bluetooth headphones paired with a nearby device can be used as a listening device during a private meeting. Not only audio but a video too can be transmitted with a hidden Wi-Fi camera. Our powerful signal jammers provide a comprehensive and effective protection against these devices with a wide range of frequency settings. They can also be used to stop mobile phones in vicinity from making calls, or to protect you against tracking your position with a hidden GPS locator.

EO-10 Desktop Signal Jammer

Highly efficient EO-10 Desktop Signal Jammer with an optimal combination of bands to protect your confidential information. Protects against being eavesdropped on, actively...

EO-10 Portable Signal Jammer

EO-10 Portable Signal Jammer effectively protects against eavesdropping, actively blocks tracking your location with a GPS locator and prevents making phone calls. Its large...

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