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Secure Computer

The most secure hardware from Purism with an anonymous Linux-based operating system. Our company EO SECURITY will provide you with comprehensive training and setup of this PC.

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Brand: Purism
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Warranty: 1 year

Anonymous operating system features:


  • OS uses only RAM, ie. after OS shutdown, it is not possible to reconstruct what was done on the PC
  • OS boot via a High-Security encrypted USB flash drive KOBRA, then you store data via hardware-encrypted external hard drive HS256 S3 with two-phase authentication, both drives are from DIGITTRADE
  • Very high resistance to malware and targeted attacks. Nowadays, cyber criminals are able to bypass any anti-malware, so they can penetrate your organization. Combining anonymous operating system and trusted hardware helps you defend against zero day threats and other more advanced threats that avoid detection
  • Dynamic MAC address change every time the OS is started
  • All internet connectivity via TOR
  • Possibility to safely open infected attachments, USB, etc. without risk of infection
  • Ability to individually set Whonix connectivity to ensure high anonymity on the Internet
  • Protection against "Evil Maid Attack" - if an attacker gains physical access to a device, such as in a hotel or office, it cannot infect this computer


Librem notebook features:


  • The Librem notebook processor supports open source BIOS
  • Purism works with hardware component suppliers and free software developers
  • Purism Kill Switches - two buttons for hardware switching off the microphone, camera, Wi-fi and Bluetooth
  • The notebook is delivered with a token from Purism
  • Aluminum material - thin, lightweight with quality processing
  • Anti-reflection matte display offers 14-inch resolution (3840x2160)
  • Large Multitouch Trackpad
  • High-quality hinges with a screen angle of up to 130°


We deliver this operating system to the world's most secure notebook by Purism Inc.


We always recommend running a secure OS on new compatible hardware (PC Librem), which could not be compromised.


The Librem Notebook is the first ultra-thin portable work computer designed to protect privacy, security and freedom.