Portable 4G LTE router

The Mudi LTE router from GL.iNet is the best portable 4G LTE router for privacy protection. Those who need a secure connection, wherever they are or when traveling, will find use. More

Manufacturer: GL.iNetProduct code: R1Shipping and Payment

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The Mudi LTE router from GL.iNet is the best portable 4G LTE router for privacy protection. Those who need a secure connection, wherever they are or when traveling, will find use. More

Manufacturer: GL.iNetProduct code: R1Shipping and Payment

  • Combined Wi-Fi speed 300 Mbps (2.4 GHz) + 433 Mbps (5 GHz)
  • PCIe 4G LTE modem
  • 128 GB Max MicroSD
  • Built-in battery with a capacity of 7000 mAh

Mudi is more than a typical travel router. It protects your privacy at an advanced level. If you connect the device directly to the public Internet, you are almost 100 % exposed to various cyber risks.

With WireGuard® encryption and support for multiple open source VPN protocols, your data is protected from hackers, viruses and data leaks when using the Internet.

You can configure the router as a VPN server and access it whenever you want.

In a coffee

Mudi protects you from Man-in-the-Middle attacks when you connect to public Wi-Fi in restaurants, hotels and other public places.

In the office

Use Mudi to secure your trade secrets and sensitive data.

On the go

Just connect to your home or work network via Mudi and you can watch local programs without interruption, or even check your smart home security system from the other side of the world.


Portability and interchangeability

Mudi creates a secure network for devices that process sensitive information by encrypting 5G, 4G, LTE, or Wi-Fi traffic over a VPN tunnel for secure access to the Internet or remote services.

Extensibility and flexibility

Mudi is based on the OpenWrt open source platform, which combines routing functions and a wireless access point and can be flexibly extended. It supports up to 128 GB microSD memory card to store your files while in use wherever you are.

Standby mode for energy saving

To save energy when you are not using your Mudi, you can switch it to standby mode by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds. Pressing and holding the power button again for 3 seconds wakes up Mudi and you can return to work again.

Explore the internet with Tor

Mudi has Tor (The Onion Router) service which can be easily turned on or off with the click of a button. Once you activate the Tor service, Mudi can randomly encrypt and forward communications through a network of nodes that act as volunteers around the world. In this way, Mudi with Tor support can hide your identity, browsing data and disable data traffic analysis.

Work safely from anywhere, anytime

In addition to a powerful integrated firewall, Mudi also supports OpenVPN, WireGuard and a customized DNS server to increase your online security. With its new Web UI 3.0, you can easily set up a VPN server yourself and safely access files on the remote side as if you were at home.

Cloudflare DNS over TLS

DNS over TLS is a security protocol for encrypting Domain Name System (DNS) queries and responses using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. The goal of this method is to increase user privacy and security by preventing wiretapping and tampering with DNS data through Man-in-the-middle attacks.

Technical specification of hardware






Qualcomm QCA9531 @ 650MHz + QCA9887




128 MB DDR2

LTE modul

  • 1 x LTE CAT4 module (DL/UL 150/50Mbps)
  • Or LTE CAT6 module (DL/UL 300/50Mbps)

LTE antenna

2x Internal broadband antenna (700M ~ 2,7 GHz) 


802.11n 2.4GHz 2T2R, 300Mb/s

802.11ac 5GHz 1T1R, 433 Mb/s

Modul IOT

Optional BLE or Zigbee module, Wi-Fi 5G module (but only one can be selected)

Ethernet port

1x 100M Ethernet port (supported by docking station)

Slot MicroSD

1 x Micro SD slot (maximum 128 GB support)

SIM card slot

1x Nano slot for SIM card

e-SIM is optional

USB interface

1x USB2.0 Type-A

Reset Button

Hold for 8 second to restore to factory settings

Power Button

Power on/off

Switch button

VPN on/off

LCD display

0.96-inch monochromatic OLED display


Built-in rechargable lithium-polymer battery with a capactiy of 7 000 mAh

Power source

  • USB type C
  • Power supply 5V/2A


Product: 145 * 77,5 * 23,5 mm (D * Š * V)

Docking station: 50,8 * 40 * 17,3 mm (D * Š * V)


300 g (device weight)

Power consumption

Maximum 6W (excluding external USB devices)


Operating temperature: 0 až +35 ℃

Storage temperature: -20 až +45 ℃

Software specifications

Intelligent management

  • Login
  • Log out
  • Language settings
  • Change of the administrator password
  • Switch to an advanced LUCI configuration

Internet settings

  • DHCP mode
  • Static mode
  • PPPoE mode
  • WISP mode
  • 2G/3G/4G modem mode
  • Tethering mode

3G/4G modem control

  • Auto/manual dial input signal
  • AT command input signal and basic information display
  • Sending and receiving SMS messages
  • Module reset

Traffic statistics

  • Current traffic display during upload and download
  • Upload and download traffic statistics
  • QOS settings

Wi-Fi settings

  • 4G/5G wireless AP switch
  • SSID and password settings
  • Channel and rate settings
  • Tx power setting
  • WMM Priority
  • SSID visitors

LCD display

  • 3G/4G/5G and Wi-Fi status
  • Charging and power status
  • VPN status
  • Display of the number of clients
  • System status

Router management

  • Local site administration
  • Cloud remote management
  • Remote SSH management

Firmware function

  • Port forwarding
  • Opening ports
  • DMZ


  • Wireguard Client
  • Wireguard Server
  • OpenVPN Client
  • OpenVPN Server
  • VPN policy

System functions

  • Change the time zone
  • Cloning MAC addresses
  • Advanced DNS
  • File sharing
  • Restore factory settings
  • Online upgrade
  • Local upgrade
  • Automatic update
  • Software installation/uninstallation