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Shielded Faraday Bag for Laptops 13"-14“

Completely discreet and durable Shielded Faraday Bag designed as a portable Faraday cage. Provides a maximum protection of your laptop against eavesdropping and location tracking by all navigation systems. Prevents the laptop from connecting to all worldwide networks – including now widely used 5G. Suitable for protection on the go, at home and during meetings. Protects against cyber-attacks and shields the laptop from remote access and data tampering by hackers. Certified by the British police.

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Code: NS1
Brand: Disklabs
Category: Faraday Bags
Warranty: 1 year
Dimensions: 14.17 inches x 10.6 inches
Weight: 10.2 ounces
Notebook Shield NS1 front Med Res

Discreet protection against various types of eavesdropping

  • Instantly blocks the device from connecting to mobile network – protects from all global mobile networks without even turning the laptop off.
  • Keeps your credit cards and IDs safe – actively protects your RFID cards.
  • Bulletproof protection against GPS tracking – be safe on the go and in the office.
  • Cutting-edge materials make the bag not only lightweight, but also extremely durable and, most importantly – completely discreet. The Shielded Faraday Bag includes a double shielding layer for extra protection and a convenient carrying strap.
  • Wireless communication does not stand a chance – the bag actively protects against connecting to rogue Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC points.
  • A simple use for maximum comfort – just inserts the device into the Faraday bag and close it.
  • Superb protection against eavesdropping – prevents the chance of sensitive data and information leakage.
  • Defends against remote data tempering – be safe from hackers and their cyber-attacks.,



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Shielded Faraday Bags for Maximum Privacy


Combining the state-of-the-art technology designed by independent UK experts on safety with durable military-grade materials, the Faraday Bag provides the most effective protection for your laptop. It protects you on the go, in your office and event at home. The bag could not be more discreet as it looks just like a regular laptop bag. Additionally, it is waterproof and designed to function as a portable Faraday cage. The used materials conduct an electrical charge and distribute it on the outer surface of the cage. This does not allow the charge to penetrate the bag itself. This provides superb protection against a wide range of signals, keeping both the laptop itself and the data stored in it safe. Your privacy will no longer be compromised in any possible way. Our Shielded Faraday bags are popular in the private and corporate sector – there, they are used for protecting privacy. Additionally, they are used by forensic experts and law enforcement officers to safely transport evidence. Thanks to the design of the Faraday bag, hackers cannot tamper with the evidence remotely. The bag was certified by the British police for its excellent results in their safety tests.


Superb protection against eavesdropping, cyber-attacks and location tracking



The Shielded Faraday Bag for laptops is great for anyone who wishes to completely protect their privacy as well as the sensitive data and information stored within the laptop – whether on the go, during meetings or at home. The innovative design of the bag actively blocks connection to all mobile network signals. Even now widely popular 5G network is blocked. The Faraday bag for laptops provides a superb protection against eavesdropping by covert listening devices and also by the laptop itself when hacked by hackers. You can be sure that your meetings will be safe and sensitive information will no longer leak out while using our Faraday bags. All you have to do is put everyone’s electronic devices in the Shielded Faraday bag and enjoy the privacy. Not only your sensitive data, but also your location is protected. The bag completely protects from location tracking by GPS, Glonass and Galileo navigation system and even from tracking via your mobile operator.

Forensic experts and law enforcement officers appreciate the protection of the device against remote cyber-attacks. The Shielded faraday bag defends the laptop from remote data tampering – both from transferring the date and also deleting the data. It also protects against connecting to rogue Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hotspots widely used by hackers to gain access to electronic devices. The faraday cage can also be used to carry contactless credit cards, ID cards or passports – the bag is designed to provide protection for cards with RFID chips.


Simple. Discreet. Comfortable.

Using the Shielded Faraday bag for laptops could not be easier. Simply place the laptop or other electronic devices and RFID cards into the bag and close it. There is no need to turn off the device or remove its battery. The bag now takes care of your maximum protection. The shielded bag also provides a strap for the comfortable use on the go. Additionally, it looks just like a regular laptop bag for a maximum discreetness. The bag can accommodate laptops with maximum dimensions of 13.1 inches x 9.4 inches making it perfect for thinner laptops and some tablets. Convenient protection for your Macbook Pro 13”and even iPad Pro 12,9” You can also store your RFID ID cards and keyless car fobs in the bag for additional security. The Shielded Faraday bag includes additional pockets for storing a mouse and a charger as well. Are you not sure about the size of your laptop? We will be more than happy to advise you.





14.17 inches x 10.6 inches


10.2 ounces