Faraday Bags


Do you want to be completely sure that your privacy is as safe as possible? Do you want to be protected on your travels, during meetings and even at your own home? Our high-quality Shielded Faraday bags based on the Faraday cage principle provide a complex and immediate protection not only against covert listening devices, but also against GPS tracking and cyber-attacks.


Avoid Sensitive Information and Data Leakage

Today, industrial espionage, eavesdropping via listening devices and even hackers-for-hire are much more common and easily accessible. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to effectively defend yourself. Not only can hackers leak sensitive data, but they can also gain access to the corporate network through your laptop and cause tremendous damage. And all of that completely unbeknownst to you.



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Shielding Faraday Bags for the Complete Protection

We offer a wide range of Shielded Faraday bags which provide not only a durable design, but also the most cutting-edge technology. The bags are designed and manufactured in the UK in collaboration with the leading security experts. The bags are designed with the principle of a portable Faraday cage in mind. The cage conducts the electrical charge and distributes it over the outer surface of the cage, so it does not penetrate the device inside. As a result, the Faraday bags provide active and complete protection against listening devices, GPS tracking and cyber-attacks.

Shielding Faraday Bags also effectively protect your RFID cards and prevent electronics within from connecting to fake Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC access points which are often used by hackers to gain access to your electronic devices. All of this makes our Shielding Faraday Bags a popular choice among forensic experts who use them as a protection for their evidence. It protects against the data being transferred or deleted. Choose from our wide range of Shielding Faraday Bags and protect your privacy and sensitive data now.


Holdall Shield 3 80Ltr with Ruck Sack Straps Low Res

Extremely durable and discreet travel bag that is designed as a portable Faraday cage. Allows for a protection and carrying a large number of electronic devices at once – the...

HS3 40L
Notebook Shield NS1 front Med Res

Completely discreet and durable Shielded Faraday Bag designed as a portable Faraday cage. Provides a maximum protection of your laptop against eavesdropping and location...

Laptop Shield LS1 front Mid Res

Our Shielded Faraday Bag for Laptops is designed as a portable Faraday cage. Completely protects against eavesdropping and location tracking by different navigation systems....

Tablet Shield TS1 front Med Res

A lightweight and extremely durable shielded Faraday bag designed as a portable Faraday cage. Effectively blocks the device from any communication with other devices and all...

Phone Shield PS1 front Mid Res

This lightweight Shielded Faraday Bag is designed as a portable Faraday cage, and it effectively blocks signals of all worldwide networks. While using the Faraday bag, you are...

Key Shield KS1 front Mid Res

The Shielded Faraday Bag for a car key fobs completely blocks the signal sent from and to the fob. This effectively prevents a possible theft. Designed for car owners who wish...

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