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High-Security encrypted external SSD KOBRA Drive VS

The KOBRA Stick is an encrypted external SSD drive in a sturdy, metal casing, the most modern in its segment.

It enables the storage, safekeeping and secure transport of sensitive business and private data for public authorities and companies in accordance with data protection regulations.

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Warranty: 1 year

VS is approved by the German Federal Information Security Authority (BSI) for government classified information up to NATO Restricted and EU Restricted.


The confidentiality of the data stored on the KOBRA Drive VS is protected against unauthorised access, for example if the data carrier is lost or stolen, or in the event of virtual or physical attacks.


As long as the KOBRA Drive VS is not connected to a PC or with an external power supply (e.g. USB power supply or USB hub) it stays in sleep mode and all keys are deactivated.


The KOBRA Drive VS guarantees the confidentiality of data through the following security mechanisms:


  • Encryption

  • Access control

  • Cryptographic key management

  • User management




The encryption module integrated in the safety housing carries out a complete encryption of the KOBRA Drive VS. Every byte saved and each written sector on the storage device is encrypted in XTS mode, using two cryptographic keys according to the 256-Bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). The KOBRA Drive VS also encrypts temporary data and areas that are often ignored by encryption software.


User authentication


The user authentication is based on the principal “having and knowing”


  • To get an access to the data the user must have the smart card and need to know the correct PIN
  • If the number of incorrect PIN entries is exceeded, the smart card is deactivated and can no longer be used
  • The cryptographic keys is also irreversibly deleted


Management of the cryptographic keys


The user can generate, change or destroy the cryptographic keys at any time. This process is irreversible. After the generation of new cryptographic keys, the old cryptographic keys and thus all data stored on the data carrier are irreversibly destroyed. Therefore, any information stored on the drive should first be saved on another encrypted data carrier, where necessary.


The two 256-bit encryption keys for the encryption and decryption of the data are generated by a hardware random number generator and stored within the drive. When the user PIN is entered correctly they are transmitted to the encryption module of the KOBRA Drive VS for the encryption and decryption of the data.


Smart cards

Kobra Stick VS comes standard with two Digittrade smart cards (Atos CardOS 5.3, CC EAL 4+) certified according to Common Criteria EAL4 +. In a stand-alone environment, only these smart cards are approved for use in accordance with the VS-NfD authorization.


In addition to DIGITTRADE smart cards, PKI-based business, service and unit identification cards can also be used for authentication. From the point of view of confidentiality, all data stored on the KOBRA Drive VS VS are protected against unauthorized access in the event of loss or theft.


These smart cards allow you to create, copy, change and delete used cryptographic keys. Key management is performed on the Kobra VS disk using a Smart Card Digittrade (or PKI) and a user PIN completely independent of the PC.



Overview of the most important features


  • AES Full-disk hardware encryption in XTS mode with two 256-bit cryptographic keys

  • 2-factor authentication by smart card and PIN

  • Division of roles between administrator and user
  • Up to 10 smart cards (PKI cards) can be integrated
  • Kobra Client VS management software
  • External generation and registration of encryption keys on a chip card
  • Hardware-based encryption module

  • Data encryption of all saved bytes and written sectors

  • Automatic formatting after key change
  • Independent of operating system (supports all operating systems, multi-media devices, smartphones, and machines that support USB data carriers)

  • Starting many functions without connecting to a PC
  • Integrated write protection

  • Adjustable number of incorrect PIN attempts

  • Compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0

  • No read and write speed restrictions

  • Time out function (1 to 30 minutes)
  • Lock-Out and Quick-Out functions
  • Pre-boot authentication and bootability

  • Easy and secure handling due to hardware encryption: connect, login, use

  • Internal power supply that allows authentication without connecting to a PC or USB hub 

  • 2.5-inch format and robust metal cover protected against splashing water




  • Laser-engraved customer specific information on the back of the KOBRA Drive VS
  • USB VID, PID & serial numbers can be defined according to customer

  • Windows To Go


Technical specifications

Encryption algorithm

AES-256 in XTS mode


USB 3.0, USB 2.0


EU Restricted and NATO Restricted


SSD: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB

Authentication mode

PIN code + Smart card



Brute-force defence

YES – on multiple incorrect attempts to guess the PIN will automatically format the entire disk



Resistant to keyloggers


Transfer speed

  • SSD up to 200 MB/s

The actual read and write speed depends on the selected memory size, memory type, connected USB and host system.

Consumer guarantee

2 years for consumers, 1 year for the company


DIGITTRADE GmbH, www.digittrade.de


Product contents


  • KOBRA Drive VS (external encrypted hard drive) version 1.0

  • 3 USB cables (USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to USB-A, USB-C to USB Micro-B)

  • 2 Smart cards (Atos CardOS 5.3, CC EAL 4+)
  • Packaging