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High-Security encrypted external hard drive HS256 S3

DIGITTRADE High Security HS256 S3 (encrypted external SSD) allows storing data in accordance with GDPR and secure transmission of sensitive data. Thanks to the included safety features it is one of the safest data storage solution on the market.

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Warranty: 1 year

About the DIGITTRADE HS256 S3


The DIGITTRADE HS256 S3 is delivered completely pre-set and is ready to use for the data storage. In the BSI-certified configuration, the user is only allowed to use the hard drive, after he has changed the smart card PIN, the encryption key on the smart card has been generated by himself and the smart card has been initialized.


From the point of the stored data the DIGITTRADE HS256 S3 is secure from unauthorized access even in the case if it will be lost, misplaced or stolen as well as from digital and physical attacks.




Every saved byte and every written sector on the hard drive SSD are encrypted according to 256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) in XTS mode with two 256 bit cryptographic keys.


User authentication


The user authentication is based on the principal “having and knowing”


  • To get an access to the data the user must have the smart card and need to know the correct 8-digit PIN
  • If the 8-digit PIN was entered incorrectly 8 times, the smart card is disabled and no longer usable
  • The cryptographic keys is also irreversibly deleted


Management of the cryptographic keys


The cryptographic keys needed for de- and encrypting of the data are externally created and encrypted and then stored on the smart card separately from the hard drive. With the device PIN the user can copy the cryptographic keys to another smart card, initialize new smart cards on the HS256 S3 and manage the lock-out mode.


In particular usage scenarios the knowledge of the smart card PIN and the device PIN can be split between two people, with the intention that only one person knows the device PIN and the other one smart card PIN. Knowledge of device PIN only will not enable the individual access to the data.


Smart cards


Serially the HS256 S3 works with two java based and Common Criteria EAL5 certified smart cards (NXP J2E081_M64 R3, CC EAL 5). For the use according with the BSI certification only these NXP smart cards are permitted.


These smart cards enable the creating, copying, changing and destroying of the cryptographic keys in use. Key management is performed independently of the computer supporting the DIGITTRADE HS256 S3 applet.


For the login on the hard drive are both smart cards needed with the same cryptographic keys. The smart card PIN can be set differently for each smart card.


In the event of any tampering attempt, the cryptographic keys on the smart card will be destroyed and the smart card will be automatically irrevocably blocked. The data on the hard disk is retained and can be accessed and edited using a second smart card after entering the correct PIN.


Extra features


The 2.5 inch built-in data storage device makes the HS256 S3 small and handy. The optional usage of SSD storage devices makes it shock proof. The data transfer and power supply are solved by USB. The hardware encryption method makes it possible to use the storage device on any OS and occurs transparently. Accessing the data occurs without the loss of reading/writing speed.


Overview of the most important features


  • 256 bit AES full disk hardware encryption in XTS mode with two cryptographic keys

  • 2-factor authentication by smart card and 8-digit PIN

  • external and encrypted storage of the cryptographic keys

  • creating, copying and deleting the cryptographic keys by the user

  • hardware based encryption module

  • easy and safe handling using hardware encryption: connect, log in, use it

  • data encryption of all saved bytes and written sectors

  • bootable and independent of the used OS (support for all operating systems, multimedia devices and machines with USB storage device support)

  • compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0

  • without the loss of reading/writing speed

  • handy 2.5 inch format and robust metal enclosure


Technical specifications

Encryption algorithm

AES-256 in XTS mode


USB 3.0, USB 2.0


BSI certification


250 GB SSD, 500 GB SSD, 1 TB SSD, 2 TB SSD, 4 TB SSD

Authentication mode

2-factor authentication: 8-digit PIN and smart card 



Brute-force defence




Resistant to keyloggers


Encryption key stored separately

YES (Common Criteria EAL5 – smart card)

Transfer speed

USB 3.0 max. 5 GBit/s

USB 2.0 max. 480 MBit/s

OLED display


Consumer guarantee

2 years for consumers, 1 year for the company


DIGITTRADE GmbH, www.digittrade.de



Package contents


  • DIGITTRADE High Security HS256 S3 (external encrypted SSD) version 1.0

  • Two smart cards NXP J2E081_M64 R3 loaded with DIGITTRADE HS256 S3 Java Card Applet version 1.1.0

  • USB cable

  • Slim case