Keep your sensitive data safe with you. With DIGITTRADE encrypted disk the access to your data will be secure.

Nowadays, encryption of a work computer and its storage is almost a standard of data and information protection. But how to secure sensitive data that you need to physically transfer somewhere else?

The DIGITTRADE encrypted disks act as a regular external USB data storages, the use of which is not subject to the installation of any additional software. The AES 256 algorithm with which the disks are equipped occupies the absolute top position in data encryption. Due to the sophistication of the algorithm and theys resilience they are considered unbreakable.

It is provided by two-stage (two-factor) disk authentication. DIGITTRADE disks combine PIN code and SMART card or RFID key. If you forget your PIN code, you can reset it using a second SMART card. However, if you lose the user card or the disk itself, the data is of course non-recoverable in these cases.