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EO Secure Encrypted Phone 5G

We firmly believe that privacy and security should be easily accessible to anyone. With the EO Secure Phone you have a complete control over both. Designed for a maximum protection against all types of attacks on sensitive data and information leakage. All this without storing any of your personal information. With the encrypted and secure EO Secure Phone you are the one in total control of your data and information from the very moment you turn the phone on to the moment you turn it off.  In addition to a complete protection, the phone functions just like any regular Android phone. All the necessary functions are at your fingertips.

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Maximum security with EO Secure Phone


Today, it is almost impossible to not use a mobile phone. However, modern mobile phones store more and more data and information about you without any protection or encryption. Luckily, EO Secure Phone uses a customized, completely de-googled, open-source fork of Android operating system with an advanced encryption. Without Google services storing all your personal data you are the master of your private information now. In addition, the phone is effectively protected not only when using apps but also when connected to the network and it also actively blocks all possible third-party attacks. The phone is suitable for those who care about their security and privacy of their confidential information.

Unlike regular Android phones, the EO Secure phone does not store any personal information about you. Regular Android phones store up to 12 MB of your data a day. Devices using iOS store up to 5 MB of personal information a day. EO Secure phone stores 0 MB of data.

EO Secure Phone protects you thanks to the number of advantages over a regular Android phone:

  • Encrypted phone storage provides a complete and effective protection of your data.
  • Modified version of Android operating system based on open-source code. Developed by security experts and free of proprietary code your data are not owned by any corporation and there are no licence fees associated with it. The use of the system is completely free.
  • The EO Secure Phone does not store any personal data thanks to being cut off from Google services. Your privacy is completely safe.
  • Connection to Wi-Fi network is as safe and anonymous as it can possibly be. The MAC address is randomly generated with each connection.
  • Secure web browsing and e-mail communication thanks to the modified and secure web browser and encrypted e-mail client.
  • LTE-only mode for a protection against fake cell towers.
  • F-Droid app gallery with a plethora of pre-authorized open-source applications.
  • EO Secure Phone receives tailor-made security updates that ensure a maximum security of the device.
  • The Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) combined with the auditor tool provides a bulletproof protection of the both software and hardware. Rapid updates protect the EO Secure Phone against zero-day attacks that exploit temporary vulnerabilities.
  • With no background processes that collect sensitive data, the EO Secure Phone offers an exceptional battery life compared to regular Android phones. When used normally, the EO Secure Phone battery lasts up to 2-3 days. In a battery-saving mode when the phone is used only for occasional communication, the battery lasts up to 10 days.
  • Secure in every situation – the phone automatically downloads the latest security updates in the background so your data remains completely safe.

Two modes of use for a complete safety


Safety mode

The standard mode of the secure and encrypted phone EO Secure Phone in which the device is fully protected and encrypted. The end-to-end (E2E) communicator ensures a secure and encrypted communication without any sensitive data leakage. Furthermore, the communication is not stored on any server, as is when using Google services, so your data remains safe and private. Not only are your sensitive data safe but the entire device is completely bulletproof against all attempts of cyber-attacks thanks to the modified open-source fork of the Android operating system.

The open-source operating system made it possible to completely cut the phone off the Google services to stop them from collecting sensitive information about the user. The Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology ensures a complete protection of your confidential data and information because only a cutting-edge processor with a high-level of encryption has access to data. This technology, combined with the auditor tool, ensures the possibility to constantly verify the integrity of the device completely preventing any cyber-attack and possible exploits.

Emergency mode

Emergency mode makes it possible to have an immediate ability to access and delete your data. You can switch modes at any time.

Ordinary, yet extraordinary


We are fully aware that it is not desirable to have a phone that is openly secured. That is why our encrypted and secure EO Secure Phone looks just like a regular Google Pixel 4a 5G. You will always have a stealthy, yet stylish and highly secure partner at hand.

Despite being completely secure and encrypted the phone lacks nothing important. With the use of pre-authorized open-source apps, you will be able to use your device just as you would use a regular Android device. You can visit social media, view media files and use offline GPS and maps.

Extremely safe. Extremely powerful. That is the EO Secure Phone. A beautiful 6,24” borderless display using an OLED technology with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels ensures a unique visual experience. Uncompromising performance is provided by an octa-core processor with a high level of encryption which together with 6 GB of RAM ensures a smooth experience even with the most demanding tasks. The front camera with a resolution of 8 Mpx and the rear 12 Mpx camera make sure that every moment is captured perfectly. HDR+ technology ensures that photos have the right colour and lighting. Thanks to the 3,800 mAh capacity the battery lasts up to 3 days. Your data are completely safe in 128 GB of encrypted storage. A specially secured fingerprint scanner protects your phone from unauthorized users and deletes any sensitive data if there are too many unrecognized fingerprints in a row. 

Benefits of the EO Secure Phone


  • Fully encrypted storage
  • Protection against zero-day attacks targeting temporary vulnerabilities
  • LTE-only mode protects against fake cell towers (IMSI-catcher)
  • Protection against metadata leakage to the third party
  • Tailor-made security updates in the background
  • Completely de-googled system to make your personal data truly private
  • Secure web browser
  • Hardened firewall network for additional protection
  • Open-source operating system that is free of proprietary code
  • Rapid development of security updates
  • Randomly generated MAC address to ensure anonymity when using Wi-Fi
  • Source code developed and authorized by leading security experts

What is in the box


  • Secure and encrypted EO Secure Phone 5G
  • Original USB Charger
  • Original USB cable
  • A SIM slot pin