EO-2 Audio Acoustic And Ultrasonic Portable Speech Protector

Portable ultrasonic generator with an integrated acoustic noise generator – eavesdropping jammer suitable for negotiations in the office or secured calls in a car or a café.

Code: U02CZ
$1 449
Category: Speech Protector and Bug Jammers
Dimension: 14 cm / 13 cm / 4,5 cm
Acoustic noise power: 3 W
The intensity of ultrasound generator: 11 x 128-132 dB



Portable ultrasonic generator works similarly to an omnidirectional or directional ultrasonic generator, only this one is battery powered and it is possible to use it during negotiations in a car or a café etc.


  • Ultrasound is inaudible to the human ear, so it can be used during any negotiations.
  • The combination of ultrasound and white noise provides a maximum level of protection during negotiations.
  • It devaluates any recordings made by analogue or digital dictaphone, cell phone or installed eavesdropping device.


An eavesdropping jammer ensures the safety of private or business conversations and works as an effective protection against bugs (and other listening devices) and voice recorders (dictaphones).


How does the jammer work?


The acoustic source (white noise generator) generates speech-like noise, so eventual bugs receive/record disrupted conversation. The ultrasonic generator generates ultrasonic noise, which reduces the sensitivity of the microphone a mobile device.


Most modern mobile phones (Samsung, iPhone, etc.) will be suppressed in silent mode - without acoustic noise activation. Suppressing other phones is possible when using acoustic and ultrasound mode at the same time.



Instructions for use


The eavesdropping jammer is equipped with an ultrasonic generator on the rear panel and a noise generator on the top panel of the device.


During a regular negotiation we set the jammer so that the ultrasound source is directed to our guest (as a "hidden" jammer we also sell a device in design of a common loudspeaker).


During a familiar conversation with people you know, and you know you can trust, turn the jammer away in another direction. Adjust the noise level so that dictaphones installed somewhere else cannot record the conversation. The ultrasonic generator should point to the nearest wall.



Technical parameters


An ultrasonic generator can work in two modes:


  • Ultrasonic generator with an intensity of 11 x 128–132 dB
  • 3 W white noise generator
  • Battery capacity 4 Ah
  • Time to full charge: 4–5 hours
  • Device size: 14 cm x 13 cm x 4,5 cm
  • Ideal for cars, or to carry with you to meetings


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Professional detection of interception

Do you have a suspicion that there is a listening device in your office, car or household? Contact us – we specialize in eavesdropping detection services, elimination of interception and installation of permanent protection against interception.


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