EO-1 Audio Acoustic And Ultrasonic Speech Protector - comprehensive 360​​°

Omnidirectional ultrasonic generator with an integrated acoustic noise generator – effective eavesdropping jammer for safe and discreet negotiations.

Code: U01CZ
$2 949
Category: Speech Protector and Bug Jammers
Dimension: 25 cm / 25 cm / 8 cm
Acoustic noise power: 3 W
The intensity of ultrasound generator: 44 x 120 dB



An omnidirectional ultrasonic generator serves to devaluate any recording and makes interception attempts impossible. It protects you from bugs and other eavesdropping devices:


  • Digital and analogue dictaphones
  • Dictaphones of mobile phones
  • Laser directional interception through windows (remote interception)
  • Built-in and directional microphones
  • Third-party interceptions
  • Stethoscope interception
  • Eavesdropping devices connected to a 220 V network


Advantages of ultrasonic eavesdropping jammer


The omnidirectional ultrasonic jammer is one of the most powerful in its segment and is effective in the 360° perimeter on all sides.


The ultrasonic jammer is a unique advanced system that provides a high level of security for business or private negotiations. Any cell phone, placed on the table or hidden in a pocket, could be used to record any conversation, as a well as a hidden eavesdropping device in the room.


How does it work?


The ultrasonic eavesdropping jammer works on the principle of generating ultrasonic and sonic interferences with human speech. The ultrasonic generator completely blocks modern and high-quality microphones used for listening. At the same time, the white noise generator successfully fights analogue recording devices (jamming the recording) – all of this combined provides full protection to the participants of the conversation.



Main characteristics


  • Ultrasonic jamming of interception: 41 ultrasonic generators with an intensity of 120 dB create a strong ultrasonic barrier for microphones of all modern phones (incl. iPhone, Samsung and others) as well as for all modern dictaphones and eavesdropping devices.


  • Acoustic suppression of interception: high-quality and low noise acoustic loudspeaker with a maximum performance of 3 W is able to easily jam analogue microphones of phones and all obsolete voice recorders and microphones in range. The extent of suppression depends on the size of the room and the distance from the participants. It is controlled by adjusting the volume - using the handle on the front panel of the device.


Instructions for use


Place the ultrasonic eavesdropping jammer approximately in the direction of possible interception. Set up the volume of acoustic noise to your preferences, so it wouldn’t disturb the conversation in the room. The EO-1 ultrasonic generator can be conveniently controlled using the mobile application in your phone. With bluetooth you can turn the jammer on/off and regulate the acoustic noise volume. The application supports Android OS and iOS.


Then turn on the jammer with a remote control or via the mobile app to one of the following modes:


  1. Quiet ultrasound – suppresses all high-quality voice recorders.
  2. Device off – protection is off.
  3. Ultrasound + quiet acoustic noise – the main operating mode in which you can negotiate comfortably and be protected against all types of listening devices at the same time.
  4. Ultrasound + loud acoustic noise – the maximum protection mode used when you need to fully protect information at the cost of reducing negotiating comfort.



Technical parameters


An ultrasonic generator can work in two modes:


  • Intensity of ultrasonic interference: 41 x 120 dB
  • Acoustic interference performance: 3 W
  • Device size: 25 cm/25 cm/8 cm 


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Professional detection of interception

Do you have a suspicion that there is a listening device in your office, car or household? Contact us – we specialize in eavesdropping detection services, elimination of interception and installation of permanent protection against interception.


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