EO–5 TOP Speech Protector – Directional generator for suspended ceiling

Highly effective speech protector that provides a perfect protection for your office or a meeting room. The great advantage of the EO-5 TOP speech protector is its discreet design. It is installed directly on the suspended ceiling and looks like a built-in speaker. It does not disrupt your meetings in any possible way and, at the same time, it generates ultrasonic noise, which protects up to a range of 5 m2 (17 sq ft). On the other hand, the generated acoustic noise, if used, is audible throughout the room.


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Category: Speech Protector and Bug Jammers
Intensity of ultrasonic generator: 41 × 128-132 dB
Acoustic noise power: 3 W
Dimensions: 21.5 cm × 21.5 cm × 9 cm (8 inch × 8 inch × 3 inch)
Range: 5 m2 (17 sq ft)
Weight: 2 x 780 g (2 x 1.7 lb)
EO 5 TOP 2
  • Using ultrasonic noise is completely discreet. It does not disrupt the course of your meetings and your guests will not even know that you have a jammer.
  • Ultrasonic noise blocks all microphones within a range of 5 m2 (17 sq ft) and protects you from all recording devices.
  • Acoustic noise generator overlaps your conversation and protects against stethoscope and laser microphones. Also, it allows to record and generate your own voice.
  • Different levels of intensity and different modes of use can be set.
  • Guarantees a completely discreet and secure meeting.



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The EO-5 TOP Speech Protector provides completely discreet, yet effective protection against recording and listening devices. The unique combination of ultrasonic noise, which blocks microphones of all dictaphones, bugs and smartphones within a range of 5m2 (17 sq ft), and the acoustic noise, that overlaps the conversation, offers perfect protection for confidential information. It is even possible to record your own voices to be used as acoustic noise. This offers a complete solution to protect any conversation. The advantage of the EO-5 TOP Speech Protector is its design – it looks like a built-in speaker, installed in your suspended ceiling. You can be sure that your information will remain private and your meetings will stay secure. 


  • Digital and analogue voice recorders
  • Voice recorders in mobile phones
  • Eavesdropping remotely through windows using laser microphones
  • Built-in and directional microphones
  • Eavesdropping via stethoscope



Features of Ultrasound

The primary aim of the ultrasonic noise generator is to protect against microphone devices, such as bugs and wiretaps. The noise blocks all microphones in a range of 5 m2 (17 sq ft), rendering them useless. Microphones are commonly used by bugs and recording devices, but your guests also often record meetings on their cell phones. The created ultrasonic barrier will not allow microphones in the vicinity to record the conversation. Such recording is completely unusable and incomprehensible.  Your meetings will not be disrupted by this protection, as the ultrasonic noise is inaudible to human ears.



Acoustic Noise

The acoustic noise is a unique type of protection against all listening devices. For example, this solution protects against use of a laser microphone, which makes it possible to eavesdrop through a windowpane. Also, it protects against a stethoscope microphone commonly used to eavesdrop through a wall. The acoustic noise randomly generates words to completely overlap your conversation. When used in combination with ultrasonic noise, it offers a unique and best possible protection, despite the fact that your guests are able to hear the acoustic noise. It is even possible to record your own conversation and small talk to the speech protector to be used as acoustic noise.


Easy to Use

The EO-5 TOP speech protector is not only discreet, but also incredibly easy to use. Once installed on your suspended ceiling and connected to electricity, it is simply controlled via the remote control. With the remote control, you can turn on the speech protector, select the desired mode and intensity of noise generation and then turn it off. Alternatively, you can record your own conversation to be generated as the acoustic noise.




Instructions for Use

Install the EO-5 TOP speech protector on the suspended ceiling and connect it to the power supply. Choose a room where you expect possible recording and listening devices. An ideal placement for the speech protector is on the dropped ceiling directly above a meeting table. The range of interference is 5 m2 (17 sq ft). We recommend using 2 speech protectors in larger spaces, placed at a distance of 2 meters from each other. You can discreetly turn the speech protector with the remote control when needed.


  • Device off - protection is off
  • Quiet Ultrasound - suppresses all high-quality voice recorders
  • Quiet Ultrasound and quiet acoustic noise - the main operating mode in which you can negotiate comfortably and be protected against all types of listening devices.
  • Quiet Ultrasound and loud acoustic noise - the maximum protection mode used in case you need to fully protect the information at the cost of reducing your negotiating comfort.


You can record your own voices to be generated as acoustic noise simply by pressing down the volume button. After that, the recording starts. Please note that we advise to speak about unimportant topics, such as the weather, for at least 5 minutes. The speech protector then starts generating acoustic noise with your own voices, based on the recorded conversation. You will find this unique solution in all our EO speech protectors.



Technical Parameters

Intensity of ultrasonic generator: 41 × 128-132 dB

Acoustic noise power: 3 W

Dimensions: 21.5 cm × 21.5 cm × 9 cm (8 inch × 8 inch × 3 inch)

Gewicht: 2 x 780 g (2 x 1.7 lb)

Range: 5 m2 (17 sq ft)