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EO-3 MAX Discreet Audio Acoustic and Ultrasonic Speech Protector

A speech protector that is both discreet and very efficient. The design of the EO-3 MAX Speech protector does not disrupt the meeting as it resembles a speaker. Despite looking like a speaker, it effectively protects you from having any information leaked. It combines both ultrasonic and acoustic noise and protect in a range up to 7-50 meters (23 - 164 ft). From now on, your meetings stay private.

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Code: EO3M
€6 625
Category: Speech Protector
Intensity of ultrasonic generator: 59 × 128-132 dB
Acoustic noise power: 9 W
Dimensions: 19 cm × 113 cm × 19 cm (7 inch × 44 inch × 7 inch)
Range: 7-50 meters (23 - 164 ft)
Weight: 7 kg (15.4 lb)
  • Ultrasonic noise effectively protects against recording devices, but does not disrupt the course of the meeting – it is entirely discreet.
  • Ultrasonic noise reliably blocks microphone devices in a range up to 7 meters (23 ft), protecting you against eavesdropping
  • The acoustic noise generator effectively overlaps your conversations so no one is able to eavesdrop with a stethoscope or a laser microphone.
  • The speech protector can generate your own pre-recorded voice as acoustic noise
  • You can set different levels of intensity and modes of the interference
  • Looks like a speaker, making the jammer completely discreet.



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A truly discreet EO-3 MAX Speech Protector in the form of a large speaker. Thanks to this ingenious camouflage, no one will ever suspect its true purpose and your meetings will remain undisturbed. The EO-3 MAX speech protector has the largest effective range of all our speech protectors – it protects up to a distance of 7-50 meters (23 - 164 ft). It combines ultrasonic noise, which blocks all the microphone devices in the vicinity, together with acoustic noise.  This combination provides the cutting-edge technology and the best possible protection against eavesdropping.  Another advantage is the possibility to record your own voice, which the jammer then generates to overlap your conversation.

  • Digital and analog voice recorders
  • Voice recorders in mobile phones
  • Eavesdropping remotely through windows using laser microphones
  • Built-in and directional microphones
  • Eavesdropping via stethoscope


Features of Ultrasound

Ultrasonic noise protection is truly reliable as it protects against most of the listening devices and bugs. It efficiently blocks microphone devices in range up to 7 meters (23 ft), rendering all the recordings absolutely unusable. Microphones are the most common means of recording your conversation – they can be found in wiretaps, bugs but also in smartphones and even watches. Thanks to the created ultrasonic barrier, microphones will not be able to record your conversations. Its advantage is that it is inaudible to human ear so it does not disrupt your meetings and it is completely discreet.


Acoustic Noise

Acoustic noise is especially efficient against laser and stethoscope microphones. Thus, protecting you from being eavesdropped on through a window pane, through a wall or even by a third-party listening in from a distance. In contrast to ultrasonic noise, acoustic noise is audible. It works by overlapping your conversation by randomly generated words. You can even record your own voice to be used as an acoustic noise.



Easy to Use

Using our discrete EO-3 speech protector cannot be easier. Just set it in the place where you expect to be recorded or eavesdropped on. Please note, that the effective range of the speech protector is a maximum of 7 meters (23 ft) when using ultrasound and 50 meters (164 ft) when using the acoustic noise. You do not have to worry about a complicated installation. Simply plug the jammer in and then control it with just a few buttons or with a remote control.


Instructions for Use

Place the EO-3 MAX where you expect to be eavesdropped and simply plug it in. Then, you can turn it on and adjust the intensity of ultrasonic noise. You can also switch between different modes. The speech protector looks like a regular speaker so, as an example, we advise it to place it in a corner of the room. Its range up to 7 meters (23 ft) will reliably protect you from information leakage due to being recorded.

  • Device off - protection is off
  • Quiet Ultrasound - suppresses high-quality voice recorders
  • Quiet Ultrasound and quiet acoustic noise - the main operating mode in which you can negotiate comfortably and be protected against all types of listening devices.
  • Quiet Ultrasound and loud acoustic noise - the maximum protection mode used in case you need to fully protect the information at the cost of reducing your negotiating comfort.

If you wish to record your own voice to be used by the acoustic noise generator, simply press the volume control button for 5 seconds. After that, the LED light above the button starts to flash. While the LED is flashing, record any speech for at least 3 minutes. Then press the button again and the recording will stop and the LED will stop flashing. Now everything is ready.


Technical Parameters

Intensity of ultrasonic generator: 59 × 128-132 dB

Acoustic noise power: 9 W

Dimensions: 19 cm × 113 cm × 19 cm (7 inch × 44 inch × 7 inch)

Weight: 1.7 kg (3.7 lb)

Range: 7-50 meters (23 - 164 ft)





  • When using the ultrasonic noise generator to overwhelm all microphones in the vicinity, certain limitations may arise due to the laws of physics. Some of the microphone designs may be more susceptible to be jammed than others. Therefore, the effectiveness may be different for each of the designs. The maximum effective range of the generator can therefore also vary by up to several times depending on the type of the microphone. Additionally, the generated ultrasonic noise can bounce off different surfaces and is unable to penetrate most materials to any greater depth. It is recommended to use a sufficient number of devices and then position them appropriately in the room to ensure the best possible protection of privacy during meetings.
  • For the best possible protection, we recommend using the acoustic noise function which allows you to record your own voice in your own language and overlap your conversation with it. The recorded voice is then randomly generated to create a sound barrier against eavesdropping via a stethoscope and laser microphones. Additionally, it protects against the most cutting-edge forensic cleaning technologies.
  • Although the device does not guarantee a 100% jamming effectiveness, it greatly outperforms competing solutions. Due to its configuration, it can guarantee high effectiveness when used against microphones on devices such as dictaphones, wiretaps and seismic microphones, computer microphones, headsets, cameras and mobile phones.



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