ASU-1 Acoustic Mobile Phone Vault

Did you know that even your own phone can eavesdrop on you? It can and it does - even when you are not using it. You may set it aside, but its microphone is still active. This can be easily prevented thanks to our unique mobile phone stand, which serves as an acoustic vault – speech protector. Its great advantage is that it can charge your phone wirelessly.

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Code: U08COM
Category: Speech Protector and Bug Jammers
Supply voltage: 100–240 V
Time of active speech protection: Unlimited
Frequency range of acoustic noise: 25 kHz ± 2 kHz
Weight: 340 g (12 oz)
  • Ultrasonic noise is inaudible to human ear, so it will not disturb you
  • Effectively protects you against being eavesdropped on by a microphone (or multiple microphones) in your own smart phone
  • Attractive and functional design – designed for the majority of mobile phones
  • Designed as a classic phone stand for a complete discretion
  • Modern smartphones can be easily charged thanks to the wireless charging
  • The device does not block any messages, calls or other network communication, making its use completely legal



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A discreet speech protector for your mobile phone, that also serves as an acoustic vault, prevents your phone from eavesdropping via the microphone. Its design of a mobile stand makes the device truly discreet. It was designed to be as functional as possible, making it compactible with the vast majority of mobile phones. Additionally, you can charge your phone wirelessly if your phone supports it. The great advantage of the ASU-1 acoustic mobile phone stand is that it uses ultrasonic noise, which is inaudible to human ears, to intercept any eavesdropping. Even with the ultrasonic noise generation active, network communication is not disabled, so you can receive calls and send and receive SMS.


Features of Ultrasound

Acoustic noise is a very effective protection against eavesdropping via the microphone of mobile phones, smart devices and other such electronics. It basically blocks all microphone devices in its vicinity, rendering their recordings useless. In addition, the ultrasonic noise is inaudible to human ear, so your meetings will not be disturbed. A truly discreet solution.


Easy to Use

Simply place the ASU-1 Acoustic Safe, which acts as a speech protector, within your reach. When you stop using your mobile phone, place it in the ASU-1 stand. The Acoustic safe must be plugged in to block the recording devices and charge the battery wirelessly. There is no need to configure anything.


Technical Parameters

Supply voltage: 100–240 V

Time of active speech protection: Unlimited

Weight: 340 g (12 oz) 

Frequency range of acoustic noise: 25 kHz ± 2 kHz