ANG-5W Vibroacoustic generator on the window

Vibroacoustic generator on the window – protection against laser eavesdropping.


Code: U05CZ



The device is designed for protection against laser eavesdropping, one generator is designed for one windowpane. 


Product characteristics


  • The jammer generates vibro-acoustic noise, which gently vibrates the windowpane to protect it from laser eavesdropping.
  • The performance of the vibro-acoustic noise in each output can be independently changed using the remote control.
  • Vibroacoustic noise almost does not disturb the participants of the negotiation in the room.


product control


Switching the generator on and off is done by the remote-control button. The blue LED lights up when the interference signal is turned on. Press the button again to turn off the device. Each button must be pressed for at least 4 seconds.


Button functions:


  1. Turn on high power vibroacoustic (4 sec)
  2. Turn on medium power vibroacoustic (4 sec)
  3. Turn on low power vibroacoustic (4 sec)
  4. Turning off device (4 sec)



Technical data and specifications:


1. Noise interference spectrum_______________________________400 Hz - 6.2 kHz
2. Output level adjustment range_____________________________9 dB
3. Power supply_______________________________________________CR2032 battery
4. Current consumption in operating mode___________________95 mА
5. Current consumption in standby mode_____________________20 mА


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