Speech Protector and Bug Jammers

Discrete and permanent protection against eavesdropping. EO SECURITY bug jammer will keep you and your electronic devices safe.

Powerful but very discreet, at first glance indistinguishable from ordinary office equipment. That's our bug jammer. Currently we offer 3 types of ultrasonic generators – portable, directional and omnidirectional ultrasonic generator, all these variants include integrated white noise generator. The combination of ultrasound and white noise creates ideal conditions for absolutely undisturbed and safe negotiation.

The portable ultrasonic bug jammer works on a similar principle to the directional and omnidirectional jammer. It differs only in the possibility of power supply, unlike the above-mentioned variants uses battery power, so it can be used out of the reach the electrical network, which means that you can take it with you for meetings, e.g. in a restaurant, café or car.

Directional ultrasonic jammer is used for jamming monitoring and recording, its appearance resembles a speaker, it is very unobtrusive and fits well into the interior of the office. The omnidirectional ultrasonic jammer is one of the most powerful in its category and is effective in a 360 ° perimeter on all sides. Thanks to its advanced system it ensures a high degree of protection.

ANG 5T (3)

Vibroacoustic generator for suspended ceiling - protection against interception using voice recorder and mobile phone.  


Vibroacoustic generator on the window – protection against laser eavesdropping.  

$1 449

Portable ultrasonic generator with an integrated acoustic noise generator – eavesdropping jammer suitable for negotiations in the office or secured calls in a car or a café.

$1 769

Directional ultrasonic generator with an integrated white acoustic generator – a discreet eavesdropping jammer resembling a common loudspeaker.

$2 949

Omnidirectional ultrasonic generator with an integrated acoustic noise generator – effective eavesdropping jammer for safe and discreet negotiations.

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$2 949

Ultrasonic generator EO-5 – a discrete bug jammer that looks just like a built-in speaker in the ceiling.

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