Speech Protector and Bug Jammers

Would you like to have your meetings under control? We offer a constant protection against eavesdropping and confidential information leakage. The speech protector from our company EO Security protects you from being recorded and eavesdropped on. We offer powerful elegant speech protectors for your office but also a portable jammer perfect for a car or for meetings outside of the office.


Wiretapping Is Easy, Protect Yourself


Today, basically anyone with an access to a smart phone, smart watch or even a dictaphone can record a conversation with you. It makes for an easy leak of confidential information. Recording devices such as bugs are even smaller and smarter than they ever were, making them not easy to detect. Fortunately, a speech protector in the form of an acoustic noise generator in combination with an ultrasonic noise generator can protect you. It is completely discreet and indistinguishable from, for example, a speaker or other equipment in the office.



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Avoid Potential Financial Damage and Having Know-How Leaked


Leak of confidential information is truly a serious problem. Especially today when industrial espionage is easily affordable and accessible part of competition. Not only can you have any information leaked, but you may lose your hard-earned reputation with your customers, suppliers or even other business partners. As a result, eavesdropping can cause many issues, especially if someone targets you directly to discredit you.



$ 385$ 4999
EO-3 MAX Discreet Audio Acoustic and Ultrasonic Speech Protector
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$4 999

A speech protector that is both discreet and very efficient. The design of the EO-3 MAX Speech protector does not disrupt the meeting as it resembles a speaker. Despite looking...

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EO 1 4
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$3 249

An efficient omnidirectional speech protector that protects you from all types of recording and eavesdropping devices. You can easily place the jammer where needed and then turn...

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EO 5 TOP 2
$3 249

Highly effective speech protector that provides a perfect protection for your office or a meeting room. The great advantage of the EO-5 TOP speech protector is its discreet...

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EO 3 PRO 1
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$1 949

A unique speech protector designed as a classic wooden speaker. The EO-3 PRO speech protector is discreet and very elegant. It does not disrupt your meetings in any way and...

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EO 2 PRO 1
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$1 599

EO-2 PRO Audio Acoustic and Ultrasonic Portable Speech Protector perfectly protects you from all types of eavesdropping and recording devices. Its great advantage is the...

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ASU-6 Acoustic Mobile Phone Vault
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$1 149

Unique speech protector that serves as an acoustic vault for multiple mobile phones. It is designed as a phone stand for a complete discretion. As soon as the first phone is...

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ASU-1 Acoustic Mobile Phone Vault
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Did you know that even your own phone can eavesdrop on you? It can and it does - even when you are not using it. You may set it aside, but its microphone is still active. This...

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ANG 5T 2

Vibroacoustic generator for suspended ceilings ensures the best protection from being recorded. It is designed to be simply placed into suspended ceilings, air-conditioning...

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ANG 5W 3

Compact speech protector designed to be placed on a window. Absolute protection against a laser microphone. Simply place the ANG-5W speech protector on the window frame or...

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