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EO 1 4
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$3 249

An efficient omnidirectional speech protector that protects you from all types of recording and eavesdropping devices. You can easily place the jammer where needed and then turn...

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EO 2 PRO 1
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$1 599

EO-2 PRO Audio Acoustic and Ultrasonic Portable Speech Protector perfectly protects you from all types of eavesdropping and recording devices. Its great advantage is the...

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EO 3 PRO 1
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$1 949

A unique speech protector designed as a classic wooden speaker. The EO-3 PRO speech protector is discreet and very elegant. It does not disrupt your meetings in any way and...

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Pixal a4
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from $1 499

We firmly believe that privacy and security should be easily accessible to anyone. With the EO Secure Phone you have a complete control over both. Designed for a maximum...

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